Disable Oracle SOA Suite Event delivery Network

In this post you will see how to disable the oracle SOA suite event delivery network.

we have 3 ways to pause or unpause EDN in oracle SOA suite.

1. EDNConfig MBean (via /em Enterprise Manager – System MBean Browser)
(Ensure you click Apply / Save after editing)

Navigation –>

In http//Host.domain:port/em> Expand SOA > right click on soa-infra > select ADMINISTRATION at the bottom > then System MBean Browser.
Then in System MBean Browser > MBean Application > Defined MBeans > oracle.as.soainfra.config > Server: SOA_cluster_name > EDNConfig > EDN
(Within the System MBean Browser you can also click on the small binoculars / search icon, and search on the term ‘EDNConfig’) 

change the value for paused to true.

2. WLST commands

–> sca_disableEventsDelivery() –> disable or pause EDN event delivery.
–> sca_enableEventsDelivery() –> enable or resume EDN event delivery. 

3.  WLST commands


 set(‘Paused’, 1) –>  pause EDN event delivery.
 set(‘Paused’, 0) –> resume delivery.
 get(‘Paused’) –>  check current value of ‘Paused’ attribute 


1. To start WLST command line, run (for e.g.):


2. Above WLST commands need to run online. To get online, run (for e.g.): 

e.g. connect(‘weblogic’, ‘welcome1’, ‘t3://localhost:7001’)

3. SOA server restart is NOT needed for the above actions to take effect.


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