Encryption algorithm or key length is restricted under the java policy.

Issue –> Got the below error while encrypting the file through third party certificates in Oracle MFT

Error –> 

MFTException [threadName=JCA-work-instance:JMSAdapter-10, errorID=b770eea5-4127-41b0-329b-654b76bd984c, errorDesc=MFT-4223_Encryption algorithm or key length is restricted under the java policy., cause=Illegal key size or default parameters]
Error Text Encryption algorithm or key length is restricted under the java policy.

Solution –> 

To implement the solution, please execute the below steps:

1. Download the “Unlimited” jars, “local_policy.jar” and “us_export_policy.jar” from here:

NOTE :- Make sure to download the versions matching the JDK installed in the ORACLE_HOME.

2. Make a backup of the “limited versions” in $ORACLE_HOME/javavm/lib/security/

3. Replace the limited jars with the unlimited jars.

4. Clean out the tmp, cache and stage folders for the MFT servers and restart.


Error when File Adapter parses an XML file using UTF-8 encoding in SOA Suite

Issue –> Got the below error when file adapter parses an xml using utf-8 ecoding

Error –>

summary=<summary>Exception occurred when binding was invoked.
Exception occurred during invocation of JCA binding: “JCA Binding execute of Reference operation ‘SynchRead’ failed due to: Error while translating.
Translation exception.
Error occurred while translating content from file <file>
Please make sure that the file content conforms to the schema. Make necessary changes to the file content or the schema.
The invoked JCA adapter raised a resource exception.
Please examine the above error message carefully to determine a resolution.
,detail=<detail>Start of root element expected.</detail>}> 

Cause –> This is due to the adapter trying to read the XML file as UTF-8. The file was edited using Notepad which saves files as UTF-8 with BOM (Byte Order Mark) even though it doesn’t show the BOM in the Notepad window.

Solution –>

To resolve this issue, several approaches may be taken:

1. If wanting to use input files encoded without BOM:

A. Use a superior file editor (such as Notepad++) to save the input file. This allows the user to save files as “Encode in UTF-8” or “Encode in UTF-8-BOM”.

2. If wanting to use input files encoded with BOM or using Notepad to save files encoded with UTF-8:

A. The native schema information needs to be added and set to “true” in the input schema.

Message count on JMS Topic is not working as expected in SOA Suite 12.2.1

Issue –> Using JMS adapter as durable subscriber in my environment , retry is not happening as expected after bringing down the Topic but in SOA Suite

Cause –> Configuration for the Topic has a setting of AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE in the JMS Adapter. When it was changed this to CLIENT_ACKNOWLEDGE it appears that the expected behavior is occurring.

Solution –> Issue was solved after changing the configuration for the Topic from AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE to CLIENT_ACKNOWLEDGE in the JMS Adapter.

JCA files are not getting updated with config plans in SOA Suite

Issue –> While deploying a composite on SOA 12.2.1, when the JCA adapter needs to take the configuration from the deployment plan to deploy correctly but it is failing with the below error.

Error –>

<JCABinding=> [ConfigPlanTest.TestdbReference/1.0] JNDI lookup of ‘eis/DB/TESTSOA_DEV’ failed due to: While trying to lookup ‘eis.DB/TESTSOA_DEV’ didn’t find subcontext ‘eis’. Resolved ”>
Problem 1: [ ]:
The JCA Binding Component is unable to locate the Resource Adapter specified in the element: location=’eis/DB/TESTSOA_DEV’
The reason for this is most likely that either
 1) the Resource Adapters RAR file has not been deployed successfully to the WebLogic J2EE Application server or
 2) the JNDI setting in the WebLogic JCA deployment descriptor has not been set to eis/DB/TESTSOA_DEV. In the last case you might have to add a new ‘connector-factory’ entry (connection) to the deployment descriptor.
Please correct this and then restart the WebLogic Application Server>
<ServletContext-/soa-infra> oracle.fabric.common.FabricException: Deployment Failed: Error while validating JCA Reference Binding meta data during composite deployment. : JCA deployment validation errors for ‘Adapters/TestdbReference_db.jca’   at oracle.integration.platform.blocks.deploy.StandaloneCompositeDeploymentCoordinatorImpl.coordinateCompositeDeployment(StandaloneCompositeDeploymentCoordinatorImpl.java:117)   at  oracle.integration.platform.blocks.deploy.StandaloneCompositeDeploymentCoordinatorImpl.coordinateCompositeDeployment(StandaloneCompositeDeploymentCoordinatorImpl.java:78)   at  oracle.integration.platform.blocks.deploy.servlet.BaseDeployProcessor.deployNewComposite(BaseDeployProcessor.java:614)
  at oracle.integration.platform.blocks.deploy.servlet.BaseDeployProcessor.deploySARs(BaseDeployProcessor.java:369)
  at oracle.integration.platform.blocks.deploy.servlet.BaseDeployProcessor.deploySARs(BaseDeployProcessor.java:184)
  Truncated. see log file for complete stacktrace

Solution –>

This is a BUG in SOA suite , for resolving this we need to apply the below patch.

Patch # 22648699

Apply the patch in test instance and test again. If it resolved the issue move it to other environments.

ORA-14300: partitioning key maps to a partition outside maximum permitted number of partitions in SOA Suite

Issue –> While invoking a SOA composite from Oracle Service Bus , i got the below error.

Error –> 

An error occurred while executing SOA’s Instance Tracking Audit interceptor. See nested exception for root cause.[[
at oracle.soa.tracking.fabric.interceptors.AuditInterceptor.processRequest(AuditInterceptor.java:425)
at oracle.integration.platform.common.ExtendedInterceptorChainImpl$1.run(ExtendedInterceptorChainImpl.java:149)
at java.security.AccessController.doPrivileged(Native Method)
at javax.security.auth.Subject.doAsPrivileged(Subject.java:549)


JTA transaction unexpectedly rolled back (maybe due to a timeout); nested exception is weblogic.transaction.RollbackException: Unexpected exception in beforeCompletion: sync=org.eclipse.persistence.transaction.JTASynchronizationListener@68ebb48c

Internal Exception: java.sql.SQLException: ORA-14300: partitioning key maps to a partition outside maximum permitted number of partitions

Solution –> 

We are seeing this error as we can not insert null in to SOAINFRA.AUDIT_DETAILS.CI_PARTITION_DATE

To resolve this we need to apply the patch # 21549249

Once after applying the patch in test environment and tested successfully  move the patch to other environments.