B2B SOA Infra Tables

Please find the below tables to get the details of B2B instances from SOA INFRA dehydration store.

To get the Business Message details use the below table.
select * from b2b_business_message order by created desc;

To get the Wire Message details use the below table.
select * from b2b_wire_message;

To get the B2B EDI files from the storage.
select * from b2b_data_storage;


Using SYS_retries property in ESS job definition- SOA Suite

In this post we will see how to use retry in ESS job definitions.

ESS provides the retry functionality through parameter SYS_retries and retry will happens when ever any system or other error occurs during the processing of ESS job request. By default, the value is set to 0 and it mean no retries will be done.

We can set the value of this property while submitting the request or while creating the job definition .


After setting the property in Submit job definition , you will find the value like below.


Once after submitting the job we can see the no of retries in search job request window like below.


B2B Listening Channel not Pulling Files from SFTP Folder After server downtime.

Issue –> B2B listening channel is not pulling the files from SFTP server after downtime.

Error –> Closing Client.

Cause –> B2B has automatically disabled the listening channel because it is not able to reconnect to the SFTP server.

If an SFTP server goes down, B2B makes 3 attempts to reconnect. If unsuccessful, the listening channel is disabled, and remains disabled even after the SFTP server is brought back up.

Solution –> 

The fix introduces new property b2b.listening_channels.continue_reconnect. When it is set to true (default is false) B2B will make continuous attempts to reconnect to the SFTP server.

Set the parameter using the following instructions:

1) Log on to the EM Console.
2) Go to SOA -> soa-infra (right-mouse click) -> SOA Administration -> B2B Server Properties -> More B2B Configuration Properties.
3) Click Operations tab and then addProperty.
4) Add the property as follows, including comments (optional):

key: b2b.listening_channels.continue_reconnect
value: true
comments: continuous SFTP server reconnection attempts

5) Click Invoke to set the property and Return.
6) Restart the SOA server to make B2B aware of the new property setting.

Issue with B2B (Error loading XEngine libraries. XEngine is most likely not installed)

Issue–> when testing b2b composite getting the below error.

Error–> Error loading XEngine libraries. XEngine is most likely not installed


After some research i found that libraries files are not loading in weblogic server. Please perform below steps to verify the resolution.

  1. Navigate to mentioned path and edit setSOADomainEnv.sh


  1. Add the mentioned path in setSOADomainEnv.sh

set LD_LIBRARY_PATH=<MiddlewareHome>/Oracle_SOA1/soa/thirdparty/edifecs/XEngine/bin

  1. Weblogic server bounce

B2B processing the files twice in a clustered environment

Issue –>

we have configured B2B for processing invoice EDI files from SFTP server to target system.

If we place a one file in SFTP folder , B2B is picking the file twice from SFTP and it showing as two transactions in our Reports.


Solution –> 

Login to your B2B EM console .

Go to SOA Infrastructure menu, choose Administration > System MBean Browser

Under Application Defined MBeans, expand the oracle.as.soainfra.config node.

Expand the Server:soa_server1 node.

Expand the B2BConfig node.

Click the b2b MBean.

The properties of the MBean are displayed in the right pane.

Click the Operations tab.

In Operations window click on Addproperty .

Provide the value for key as –> b2b.HAInstance

Provide the value for value as –> true

And click on Invoke button on the right hand side. For return from that page click on Return.

If you have 2 servers in the cluster , please add the property in both nodes.