Sending Notifications from Oracle MFT 12c

In this post you will see how to send Email Notifications from your Oracle MFT.

Sending Email notification after successful transfer or failure is a common requirement in any projects.

Even Oracle MFT provides the feature to send the notification to users.

To notify specific users about events, you configure notifications using WLST commands for Oracle Managed File Transfer, and then you configure the email or SMS driver. Notifications event types are as follows:

RUNTIME_ERROR_EVENT — Errors during events such as message processing, server start-up, source error, or system event failure error.

DELETE_ARTIFACT_EVENT — Deletion of a transfer, source, or target.

DEPLOY_ARTIFACT_EVENT — Deployment of a transfer, source, or target.

EXPORT_IMPORT_EVENT — Import or export of the MFT configuration.

PURGE_EVENT — Purging of runtime transfer instances or transfer payloads.

ARCHIVE_RESTORE_EVENT — Archiving or restoring of runtime transfer instances or transfer payloads.

All notification messages are sent to JMS MFTExceptionQueue, whether or not they are enabled or there are contacts to be notified.

Here I am providing the high level steps for configuring Email notification in Oracle MFT.

STEP 1–>

 Login to UNIX box, navigate to the below path and run the commands.




updateEvent(‘RUNTIME_ERROR_EVENT’, true)

createContact(‘Email’, ’’)

addContactToNotification(‘RUNTIME_ERROR_EVENT’, ‘Email’, ’’)


 STEP2 –>

 In this step we will configure the email driver in oracle em console.

Login to EM console ,.

Expand the User Messaging Service node.

Expand the usermessagingdriver-email node.

Select the node for the Oracle WebLogic Server managed server dedicated for Oracle Managed File Transfer. For example, this node might be named usermessagingdriver-email (mft_server1).

In the usermessagingdriver-email page, select User Messaging Email Driver > Email Driver Properties to open the Email Driver Properties page.


It will open the below page , click on create to create the email driver.


On the Email Driver Properties page, enter values for your mail server for the following (mandatory) Outgoing and (optional) Incoming Mail Server properties:


Restart the Oracle Managed File Transfer server to reflect the changes.

STEP3 –> 

Now open any of your Transfers and go to Targets and click on “Post Processing actions”

Select the “Transfer Notification” and click on Add to List.


Click on “Add or Update Contact to Notify”, select the user you have created in STEP1 and click on ADD.

That’s it , you’re done with  setting up the notifications. Test the results.


6 thoughts on “Sending Notifications from Oracle MFT 12c

  1. Hi,
    it seams that I missed something during the installation/setup of MFT, because I can’t launch any wlst command. If I enter updateEvent command I get:,Type=MFT,Application=mft-app

    Please advice.
    Thanks Dust


  2. Can you add tables\objects it goes through for this notification, for a very specific scenario we have not received a notification and its not even replicable? Looking to see what went wrong. Thanks in advance


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