B2B Listening Channel not Pulling Files from SFTP Folder After server downtime.

Issue –> B2B listening channel is not pulling the files from SFTP server after downtime.

Error –> Closing Client.

Cause –> B2B has automatically disabled the listening channel because it is not able to reconnect to the SFTP server.

If an SFTP server goes down, B2B makes 3 attempts to reconnect. If unsuccessful, the listening channel is disabled, and remains disabled even after the SFTP server is brought back up.

Solution –> 

The fix introduces new property b2b.listening_channels.continue_reconnect. When it is set to true (default is false) B2B will make continuous attempts to reconnect to the SFTP server.

Set the parameter using the following instructions:

1) Log on to the EM Console.
2) Go to SOA -> soa-infra (right-mouse click) -> SOA Administration -> B2B Server Properties -> More B2B Configuration Properties.
3) Click Operations tab and then addProperty.
4) Add the property as follows, including comments (optional):

key: b2b.listening_channels.continue_reconnect
value: true
comments: continuous SFTP server reconnection attempts

5) Click Invoke to set the property and Return.
6) Restart the SOA server to make B2B aware of the new property setting.


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