Steps to change to a different email address in MFT notifications

In MFT, when ever you receive a notification it comes by default from


On 5/8/2016 8:23 PM, wrote:
 Event Details:
 Artifact Type: Transfer
 Deployment Type: Single
 Artifact Name: InTransfer
 User: weblogic 
For changing default email address from to some other email address we have to follow to below steps.
1.Login to EM console , under the MFT folder, select mft-app
2. Click on “More MFT Configuration Properties…”
3. Go to operations tab
4. Click “addproperty”
5. Provide the following values:
key: defaultFromEmailAddressForNotification
value: the emailaddress you want
6. Click invoke then return
7. To make sure the property was created, click getproperty , in the key field enter: defaultFromEmailAddressForNotification and hit invoke, on the return value section you will see the value of that property.
After updating the above values we need to restart the server to reflect the changes.

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