Passing HTTP Basic Authentication to secure Webservices With SOA Suite 11g BPEL

In this post we will see  how to use SOA 11g BPEL to pass a username & password pair to a webservice that was protected by HTTP basic authentication.

Below are steps for achieving this using 11g JDeveloper;
  1. Open your SOA composite and in your BPEL process add the partner link call to the remote secured webservice wsdl location.
  2. Once you’ve browsed for the wsdl, edit your projects composite.xml file via the Application Navigator on the left.
  3. Now right click on the external referenced service that you added and select ‘Configure WS policies’
  4. Within the Security tab, click the Add button and select oracle/wss_username_token_client_policy.
  5. Via the Property Inspector window click the ADD button under the Binding Properties tab.
  6. Now Open the property Inspector window and click the add button under Binding properties tab.
  7. Manually add oracle.webservices.auth.username and oracle.webservices.auth.password and their properties. ie: add two new properties, oracle.webservices.auth.username and a value, then another property – oracle.webservices.auth.password and a value.
  8. Compile and deploy the project to observe how those properties are now passed to the remote webservice.

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