Creating Inline Sub Process in Oracle SOA Suite

Inline sub process is a sub process that can resides in the same BPEL process. Inline sub process contains set of activities which can be used in the same BPEL process. We can use call activity to invoke a inline sub process. For converting to inline subprocess , all activities should be in same scope.

Creating an inline subprocess within an existing inline subprocess is not supported.

Now we will create a inline subprocess–>

I have created one test composite which will writes the data to a database table.

I have added the assign and invoke activity to write the data to DB table.

To create an inline subprocess , right click on the scope and click on “Convert to a subprocess”. Enter the name , label and comments and click on OK.

Once you click on OK, you scope will converted in to CALL and you can see this subprocess is visible in subprocesses of component palette.


How to use an Inline Subprocess –>

For using the inline subprocess , you have to drag the subprocess from component palate to your BPEL process.

Once we add the subprocess to our BPEL process, it adds one call activity to call that subprocess . We can change name of call as per our requirement.


That’s it deploy the jar to server and test it.



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