Creating SOA Project Template in Oracle SOA Suite 12C

In this post we will see how to create a project template.

Project Template contains complete project which includes all project references, artifacts , services etc.

By using project we can create new projects with out re work.

Create project template in jdev

I have created a simple project which uses dvm for retrieving the results.


To create a project template from this project , right click on the project and click on “Create SOA Template”.


It will open a new window ,where we have to specify the template information and click on Next.


Select the files to be bundled in this template and click on Finish to create template.


Create a project based on project template

We have a project template and now we are going to create a project based on the template created above.

Create a new SOA project, provide project name and choose SOA Suite project .


Enter composite name and choose “SOA Template” option as we built this composite from project template. Its will display all the templates available , select the template and click on Finish.



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