Creating SOA Component Template in Oracle SOA Suite 12C

In this post we will see how to create component templates.

This template contains all service components , reference components and resources.

It appears as custom service component in the SOA composite application’s Components window.

Please note that this BPEL need not to be complied and need not to be complete.

Creating Component Template

I haved created a sample BPEL process which we will be used for creating compoenent template.

Right click on the BPEL process and click on “Create SOA Template”.


Select the location to create the component template and click on Next.


Select the files to include in SOA Template and click on Finish button.


We can add this template as external component in the Jdeveloper.

To add this path go to Tools à Preferences -> SOA -> Templates, Click on Component Template folder and add the required component template path. This will list all the component templates which are there under that location.


To use component template, first create a SOA composite. To add component template to it right click on the composite.xml and click on Insert and choose “Component Template”.


Select the previously created template and click on OK.


Now it will show the complete template information, Click on Finish.



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