Performance Modularity profiles in SOA Suite 12C

Performance Modularity profiles is a new feature introduced in SOA Suite 12C.
12c is much lighter and faster then 11g. In 11g the installation and start up times were high and it has a high memory footprint. SOA Suite 12c changes the game with faster start up times and optimized memory usage.
By default the SOA_FOUNDATION profile is configured after new installation. This can then be altered in EM. If you upgrade from SOA Suite 11g it will get the SOA_CLASSIC as the default profile. The SOA_CLASSIC profile has the largest footprint and the BPEL_ONLY profile has the least footprint, showing a 30% difference between them.
The profiles listed below are arranged in decreasing order of (memory) footprint
– SOA CLASSIC SOA -> Foundation with B2B + BPM Modules
– SOA FOUNDATION WITH HEALTHCARE -> SOA Foundation with B2B + Healthcare UI
– SOA FOUNDATION WITH B2B -> SOA Foundation Enterprise + B2B
– SOA FOUNDATION ENTERPRISE -> SOA Foundation + Full Adapter Set
– SOA FOUNDATION -> Orchestration + Mediator + Rules + Partial Adapter set
– ORCHESTRATION -> BPEL-Only + HWF + Partial Adapter set
– BPEL-ONLY -> BPEL Components + SOA Common Infrastructure + Partial Adapter set
Main uses of this will be  ->

1. Reduce the overall memory footprint of the SOA Infrastructure.

2. Make Oracle SOA Suite a more modular platform. You load only the functionality you need to use.

3. Reduce overall class loading and overall startup time of the server.

We can see the profiles and change the profiles as below.


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