How to Set up personal FTP server on windows machine and use it in Oracle SOA Suite FTP Adapter

In this post we will see how to set up your own FTP server and configure it in the FTP adapter in Oracle SOA Suite.

Here I will take you through the steps to setup a folder in windows machine as an FTP repository using FileZilla.

To start working on this POC , first we have to download the FileZilla Server .

Install the filezilla server with default settings and start the FileZilla server.

Once you start the Filezilla server , it will open the home page specify the localhost ip address as the server address and then click on OK. Once done it will open FileZilla server server main screen .

Now go to Users from Edit menu . Click on Add to create a New user.

By default it creates user with no password, but we can enable the password option and enter a password of your choice.


Now we have to specify the shared folders for this user , Go to shared folders and click on ADD in shared folders to specify the folder.


Once after selecting the folder ,provide a alias name to the folder , provide the permissions to the folder and click on OK.


Now you are done with setting up FTP server and user on your local machine , try connecting to the server with FileZilla Client and place some file in to your FTP server directory .


Configuring FTP adapter in SOA Suite

Login to your weblogic console and go to deployments and open FTP adapter .

Navigation## Deployments -> FTP adapter -> Configuration -> Outbound Connection pool


Create a new connection pool to access the newly created FTP server and provide the jndi name and click on Finish.


Open the newly created connection, provide the host (your ftp server ip address), server type as win, user and password.


Now we will create a BPEL process which will use this jndi connection for connecting to FTP server and read the files.

My BPEL process looks like this .


That’s it , deploy the composite to SOA server and test the results.


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