Fault Notification Alets in SOA Suite 12C

One of the new features of oracle SOA suite 12c is to send the notification rules that will send automatic alerts when anything goes wrong.

The notification alerts scheduled based on the timeframe that we define in the server.

Before defining the notification rules we have to set up the Scheduler service to schedule the notifications.

STEP 1–>

Define Schedule in EM ##

We will create a schedule in ESS App.

Login to Enterprise Manager , go to SOA-Infra and define the schedule.


Click on Create to define a new schedule.


Enter the name , display name ,package, Description, Frequency,Timezone, Start Date and click on OK.


Error Notification Rules ##

Go to SOA-Infra and click on “Error Notification Rules”,


Click on Create to create notification rule.


Enter the Name ,Rule Description and Schedule that we created above.


Condition that the notification rule considers is the amount of time, in hours, to look for errors.

When the criteria in the ‘If’ clause is met, the action can include sending an email, IM, and/or SMS.


Check the box “Send Alerts to Dashboard” and enter the email address and set via as “Email(To)”.


Now, the alert is visible within the dashboard:



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