Removing unused files from Oracle SOA Suite MDS repository

In this post we will see how to remove unused files from oracle soa suite MDS repository.

For removing the files you need to connect to your server using wlst scripts.

we have to use the deleteMetaData function of wlst to remove the files.

Follow the below steps to remove the files from repository.

Login to your unix box and navigate to the below path.


[testuser@soaserver]$ cd /u01/oracle/SOAInstall/soa/common/bin
[testuser@soaserver]$ ./

wls:/fmw_domain/serverConfig>connect(‘username,’pwd’, ‘hostname:7001’)


Executing operation: deleteMetadata. 

Operation “deleteMetadata” completed. Summary of “deleteMetadata” operation is:

List of documents successfully deleted:


1 documents successfully deleted.


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