Using Throttling in Oracle Service bus

In this post you will see  how to set throttling in oracle service bus.

Most common problem in integration projects is overload of web services. If the capacity of web service reached to maximum, then it wont able to accepts any new requests.

In oracle Service bus we have two approaches to resolve these kind of errors.

  1. Throttling in Business Services
  2. Work Managers

By using throttling in business service you can restrict the no of requests to target system.

You have to set up throttling in OSB console .


Login to SB console.
Create a session and go to Project Explorer, and navigate to the Business Service where you want to implement throttling .
Select the Operational Settings –> Under Throttling, select the Enable check box.

Now we have to specify a value for Maximum Concurrency.
Specify a positive integer value for Throttling Queue to backup messages that has exceeded the message concurrency limit.
Specify the maximum time in milliseconds for Message Expiration a message can spend in Throttling Queue.
Click Update and Click on Activate to reflect the changes.

Note ## Throttling queue is an in-memory queue, and  messages that are placed in this queue are not recoverable when a server fails or when you restart a server.



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