IO exception encountered, Disc quota exceeded in Oracle MFT 12C

Issue–> I have an sFTP remote source and it is scheduled to poll the files , but it is not polling any files from sFTP server ,when I have verified the logs I found the below error.


MFTException [threadName=JCA-work-instance:JMSAdapter-6, errorID=2tf2-gfjf-6547-2465-0975-675a23jjf2e, errorDesc=MFT-4204_IO exception encountered during message processing., cause=Disc quota exceeded]

Solution–> This issue mainly occurs if the disc quota of your MFT server is full and in these cases MFT server will not able to poll and process the files.

For resolving this issue you need clean your oracle MFT server by deleting the logs, unwanted junk .


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