Error in establishing a session with SSH Server – Oracle MFT 12C

Issue–> I have faced the below error while connecting to a SFTP remote target from Oracle MFT-12C


MFTException [threadName=JCA-work-instance:JMSAdapter-0, errorID=a78078a3-cca1-4705-g47x-82vvdc3h966b, errorDesc=MFT-5031_Error occurred while reading metadata of file [mytempfile.txt.pgp] from endpoint [SFTPEndPoint: Host:[RemoteHost], Port:[22], User:[testuser], Folder:[/myfolder]]., file://wsdl/FileListing_ptt.wsdl [ FileListing_ptt::FileListing(part,part) ] – WSIF JCA Execute of operation ‘FileListing’ failed due to: JCA Binding Component connection issue. JCA Binding Component is unable to create an outbound JCA (CCI) connection. file://wsdl/FileListing_ptt.wsdl [ FileListing_ptt::FileListing(part,part) ] – : The JCA Binding Component was unable to establish an outbound JCA CCI connection due to the following issue: Error in establishing a session with SSH Server.. Error in establishing a session with SSH Server.. Unable to establish a session with the server. Please ensure hostname and port specified to login to the server are correct. ;

Solution–> This error usually occurs, if we have not configured the SSH key store in oracle MFT properly (with correct password) or if the target sFTP server public key is not imported in oracle MFT.

  1. Check if the SSH keystore password is correct or not by logging in MFT-Administartion-Keystores

Update SSH-Keystore password with correct password.

  1. Import the SFTP Remote server Public key to oracle MFT server.

Steps to import the public key in to oracle MFT server.

[testuser@mftserver]$ cd /u01/oracle/SOAInstall/mft/common/bin
[testuser@mftserver]$ ./

wls:/fmw_domain/serverConfig> importCSFKey(‘SSH’, ‘PUBLIC’, ‘MFT_PUB’, ‘/home/oracle/.ssh/authorized_keys’)
CSF key imported successfully.
wls:/ fmw_domain /serverConfig> listCSFKeyAliases(‘SSH’, ‘PUBLIC’)
Key Details
‘MFT_PUB’, Format X.509, RSA

wls:/ fmw_domain /serverConfig> exit()

Exiting WebLogic Scripting Tool.


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