DB adapter issues in SOA Suite12C (BINDING.JCA-12561 JCA Resource Adapter )

Issue –> While testing the DB adapter we will get the below error.


[oracle.soa.adapter] [tid: [ACTIVE].ExecuteThread: ‘1’ for queue: ‘weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)’] [userId: weblogic] [ecid: 0015I^asbkZGaJ_8CzGWZa417H4_kl8987609,0] [APP: soa-infra] JCABinding=> TestEmpInterface [[BINDING.JCA-12561 JCA Resource Adapter location error (WebLogic). Unable to locate the JCA Resource Adapter via .jca binding file element The JCA Binding Component is unable to startup the Resource Adapter specified in the element: location=’eis/DB/TESTDB’.

The reason for this is most likely that either

1) the Resource Adapters RAR file has not been deployed successfully to the WebLogic J2EE Application server or

2) the JNDI setting in the WebLogic JCA deployment descriptor has not been set to eis/DB/TESTDB. In the last case you might have to add a new ‘connector-factory’ entry (connection) to the deployment descriptor.

Please correct this and then restart the WebLogic Application Server

 Solution –> if we got these kind of errors we have to follow the below steps to resolve the issue.

First check your data source is working or not.

Check if the data source JNDI is correctly updated in your DB adapter outbound connection pool or not.

Navigation # Deployments-DB Adapter-Configuration-Outbound Connection Pools

Click on your jndi “eis/DB/TESTDB” and check if the xaDatasource is having the  ds jndi.

If datasource jndi is not updated correctly, update it then SAVE and update the DB adapter.

Then check your DB adapter is in ACTIVE state or not. If not START the DB adapter.

Activate the changes.


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