Integrating Oracle Service Bus with Oracle MFT – SOA Suite 12C

In this post we will see, how to integrate oracle service bus with oracle MFT.

For this I have used the below use case.


As per the use case , OSB receives the file from local file system and invokes Oracle MFT.

Oracle MFT receives the file from OSB and then transfer the file to a local file system.

STEP 1 –>

We will create a MFT source.

Login to MFT console and go to design tab and click on Sources to create a source.

Enter the name, Type (Service Bus),URL (Give Any name) and  click on Create.

It will open the source with complete URL as below.

STEP2 –>

We will create a MFT Target.

Go to design tab and click on Target to create a new Target.

Enter the target name , Type as FILE , and Folder (Local File Location)


Go to advanced properties of your target and click on Operations, select the operation type as “Rename” and file naming convention as “MyFinalFile%YYYYMMDDHHMMSS%.txt” .


Now click on Save and deploy.


Once you are done with creating “Source” and “Target”, you have to create a Transfer (Which will Transfer the file from your OSB source to File Taregt).

For creating the Transfer click on “Transfer”, it will open a window to create a Transfer.

Provide the name and click on “Create”.


Add the source and target to the transfer. Here source is Osbsource and target as LocalFileTarget.


Now SAVE the Transfer and click on Deploy.


We will create OSB Project which will receive the file from local system and invokes the MFT service.

Create a Proxy service with file adapter.

Create a business service based on the END point URL we have received from STEP1.

Your project looks like this.


Deploy the service bus project to server and TEST the use case by placing the file in OSB proxy service location..


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