Creating Fault Policies and Fault bindings in SOA Suite 12C

In this post we will see how to create fault policies and fault bindings in SOA Suite 12c .

In SOA Suite 11g we have to create fault policies and fault binding files manually, but in SOA Suite 12c we have a wizard to create these files.

I have created a sample project which will write the records in to a database table.


So whenever the database is down, we will get the remote faults and handle these faults using for fault policies.

Now we will see how to create fault policies and fault binding in our project.

Right click on your project and click on New and click on “from gallery“.


Go to “SOA Tier” choose “Faults”, on right hand side it will show you “Fault Policy Document”, select this file and click on OK.


Now it will open the fault policy document with fault policy : policy1 , you can change this name as your standards.


Now select the “Fault Name” as “remote fault”


Now you can define the Alerts and Actions as below.

Go to Alerts Sections and click on + button and Click on Email .


It will open a new window , provide the details . Enter the ID , TO , CC and property set and click on OK.


Go to Actions tab if you want to add custom retry settings. Here I have changed the retry interval and retry limit to 5 and click on OK.


With this step we are done with creating fault policy, now we will create fault binding file and link this fault policy.

Click on “Edit composite policies” in your composite window.


It will open a new window to bind your fault policy to fault binding file.

Select your fault policy to your exposed services and references and click on OK.


Now deploy your composite and test it by generating the remote faults.


9 thoughts on “Creating Fault Policies and Fault bindings in SOA Suite 12C

  1. Property sets are used to define the the properties required for that alert.

    For example , If you are using JMS as a alert, then you can define the jms destination , jms connection factory etc.

    You cannot create property sets for email alerts in this release.


    • Hi Shaik,
      we are not using the MDS in our project and we are using the fault policy management in composite level only and its working fine .I need some info as I am using the fault name as remote fault and default action is rethrow and got response also once server down / net work issue but instance is showing failed in em as well and instance should be showing the abort instead of failed once remote fault has been occurred. Let me know what are actions required for the same.


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