OSB Proxy service error out while picking the file from SFTP server- “known_hosts file does not exist”

Issue –> My requirement is to pick the files from SFTP target server, so i have created a proxy service with SFTP as transport and provided the location in my proxy service. But PS is throwing the below error while picking the file from SFTP server.

Error –> Error encountered while polling the resource for the service endpoint ProxyService$TestSFTP$Services$TestSFTPTransferPS: com.bea.wli.sb.transports.TransportException: known_hosts file does not exist or it does not have read permissions.

Solution –>

Check if the known_hosts file exist in the below location of your server.


Initially you can find the path till OSB only, you have to create the directories transports/sftp

If the file does not exist in the above location then place the file , if it exist check if the public key (id_rsa.pub and id_dsa.pub) information of SFTP server is available in the below format or not.

Format of known_hosts :-

hostname,ip algorithm publickey

Ex:- localhost,ip ssh-rsa publcickey


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