Max Message Size Exceeded Exception in SOA

Issue –> If you provide a large payload (for example, 12 MB) to your deployed SOA composite application, then click View XML Document in the audit trail to view the payload, you can encounter MaxMessageSizeExceededException errors. This error can be resolved by setting the following JVM parameter.

Solution –>

  1. Open the following file:
  • On UNIX operating systems, open $MIDDLEWARE_HOME/user_projects/domains/domain_name/bin/
  • On Window operating systems, open MIDDLEWARE_HOME\user_projects\domains\domain_name\bin\setDomainEnv.bat.
  1. Add the weblogic.MaxMessageSize property with the following value:  EXTRA_JAVA_PROPERTIES=”${EXTRA_JAVA_PROPERTIES}
  2. Restart the server.

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