How to resolve Table space exceptions in SOA

Issue –>  If Oracle SOA Suite transactions fail and the logs indicate that the database is running out of space, the dehydration store or MDS store may be running out of space due to a high volume of transactions and fails with below error.

Error –>  java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01653: unable to extend table SH_MDS.CUBE_INSTANCE by 16 in tablespace FUSION_TS_TOOLS

Solution –> For resolving these errors we have to follow the below steps.

  1. Purge the dehydration store tables periodically.
  2. Ensure that the database hardware has sufficient resources to handle the demands of Oracle database partitioning before configuring your tables for partitioning.For the dehydration store, database partitioning using range partitioning and hashpartitioning is an optimal solution
  3. Tune database parameters for memory, tablespace, and partitions to get maximum performance. For more information, see Section “Tuning Database parameters” of Tuning Performance.
  4. To increase tablespace settings, use the administrator account.ALTER TABLESPACE TABLESPACE_NAME ADD DATAFILE ‘DATAFILE_NAME’ SIZE 500M AUTOEXTEND ON;

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