Integrating Oracle SOA with Oracle MFT-part1

In this post you will see how to integrate Oracle MFT with Oracle SOA.

We are using the below pattern in this example.mftsoa1

As per the above diagram, we are calling SOA service from Oracle MFT and then Oracle SOA is calling Oracle MFT to place the file.

Steps :-

Oracle MFT receives the file from local folder and then invokes SOA process.

SOA process receives the file name as reference from Oracle MFT, then SOA process will invoke MFT endpoint.

MFT service will receive the file as reference from SOA and then place it in target location.

Use Case 1:- Oracle MFT invoking Oracle SOA service

Login to MFT console (http://host:port/mftconsole)

Go to Design tab and click on “Sources” to create a source location to pick the files.

Enter the name, type as “File” and location (Directory to pick the file) and click on Create button.


For creating the Target we need an endpoint URI of SOA service.

Create a project in your Jdeveloper and copy and place the file “MFTSOAService.wsdl” from below location to your project WSDL folder.



Right Click on “Exposed Services” and click on ‘HTTP’ to create a HTTP Binding Service.

Enter the name and click on Next.


Select the radio button “Import an existing wsdl” and click on “WSDL URL” to select the wsdl.


Go to File system and select the wsdl that we have copied to our project and click on OK button.


Now wsdl is copied and it will show the port type and operation. Click on Next to proceed further.


Click Next twice and finish the setup.

Now create a BPEL process (with No Service)and wire it to http binding.



Edit your BPEL Process and add Receive and Reply activities to your bpel process.


Deploy the project to Server and get the end point URI of the composite.

Now we have to create a target in Oracle MFT with above endpoint URI.

Click on Target, it will open a window create the target.

Provide the name, type as “SOA” and URI (Endpoint URI) and click on create.


Once you are done with creating “Source” and “Target”, you have to create a Transfer (Which will Transfer the file from your source to SOA).

For creating the Transfer click on “Transfer”, it will open a window to create a Transfer.

Provide the name and click on “Create”.


Go to source and click on “Add Source ” to add the source , in the same way “Add Target” to add the target to your Transfer.


In Source we will enter the value as “Newtest*.txt” in content filter “Wildcard”.

In Target side we have “delivery preferences”.  we will change delivery method as “Reference” and reference type as “File”.


Click on Save and Deploy.

Test the process by placing the file in your local folder.

Go to monitoring in MFT and check the instances , you will see once instance as success.


In EM console , You will see one instance is successfully created with file as reference..




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