Using MDS in Service Bus -SOA 12c

MDS(Meta data service) is a SOA INFRA repository where we will upload all re-usable artifacts, these artifacts can be WSDL files or XSD files or DVM, XREF files. We can have both design time and run time MDS. Design time MDS is file based where we keep all the artifacts in local file system, run time MDS is DB based where we upload all the artifacts in DB schema. We generally use file based MDS during initial development and later migrate to DB based MDS.

MDS is really nice feature which we use for Oracle SOA suite but 11g version of service bus does not support MDS that means we can’t share artifacts between SOA and OSB using MDS so whenever we need to use the artifacts, we need to keep that artifact in service bus project only, we can’t use the artifacts which are referred by SOA project from MDS. This makes really difficult for developers to share the artifacts and this is major complain of most of the developer who works in OSB 11g.

Now we will see how to use MDS for OSB projects.

In this post we will see how to create a Proxy service based on WSDL received from MDS.

To create the proxy service drag “HTTP” to composite pane. This will open the create proxy service wizard. In the step one provide the proxy service name and description, make sure transport is select as HTTP. Click on next, in the next step choose WSDL as service type and click on browse button to browse the WSDL file. This opens another wizard; this wizard shows different options from where we can select the WSDL file, in our case WSDL file is there in MDS so we choose where you can choose SOA-MDS. Go to that WSDL path and choose that WSDL.



It will open a window to select wsdl resource , select SOA-MDS , expand the apps folder and select the required wsdl and click on OK.

Now it will display the wsdl in your proxy service with SOURCE URL pointing to MDS location.



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