Publishing OSB artifacts to SOA-MDS (SOA Suite 12c)

In this post, you will see how we can use Jdeveloper 12c to publish artifacts from service bus project to SOA design time repository. SOA design time repository is file based repository which is based on Java DB.

We will see how this feature works.

Create a sample service bus project .And create or place the required wsdl’s used in this sample in to the working directory.

Now we will publish this WSDL to the SOA design time repository from Jdeveloper 12c.

To publish the WSDL file, right-click on the file  and choose Service Bus  “Publish To SOA Design time Repository”. You can perform this for XSD file as well.


Skip the welcome page and click on nect , it will take you to “Choose target” page, select the folder where you want to publish the wsdl and then click on next.


In the “Dependencies” page , it will automatically select the dependencies like xsd , click on Finish button to complete the publish.


Once the publishing is successful , it will show the confirmation page with no of files published to mds repository.



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