Publishing REST service using SOA SUITE

In this post we will see how to create restful services using SOA Suite

To achieve this we need to Create a empty project .

Now we have to create a schema to use in this example.

I have created the below schema for our process.

rest1After creating the schema right click on Exposed services and click on select REST.rest2

Now it will open a new window to configure REST Binding, give the name and click on Next Now click on + button in Methods section .


Now it brings up the “Rest Method Definition” window, give the method name, HTTP verb and select Schema for request.


Go to response tab and select the schema for response, and click on OK to complete the rest setup.rest6

Click on Finish , it will creates the rest binding .

Now go to components tab and right click and create a BPEL process and provide the schema details for input and output .

Make sure you un select “SOAP binding”.rest7

Inside bpel process Assign some value to output variable and you are done with creating REST Binding service.


Deploy the SAR to server and TEST the results.


3 thoughts on “Publishing REST service using SOA SUITE

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  2. Hi,

    I am getting below error while trying to test this webservice:

    Correlation definition not registered. The correlation set definition for operation UserGet, process default/REST!1.0*soa_f42e504e-763c-42ed-a93a-a3de284380e3/BPELProcess1, is not registered with the server.The correlation set was not defined in the process.Redeploy the process to the container

    I Tried to redeploy but still facing the same issue.


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