Composites with Large While Loop Cases Cause Time Outs and Memory Errors

If your SOA composite application includes large while loop cases, you can receive time outs and out-of-memory errors due to large numbers of audit events accumulating. To support these environments, you can decouple the audit trail from the BPEL process service engine transaction by tuning the following properties at the BPEL process service engine level:
  • auditFlushEventThreshold: Controls how often the service engine flushes the audit events. When the audit event limit is reached, the service engine triggers a store call. Tune this size based on the application. The default value is 300 audit events.
  • auditFlushByteThreshold: Controls the approximate size of the batch. After each event, the size is calculated, including the details size. If the sum of the batch byte size exceeds the value of this property, a flush is triggered. The default value is 2 MB.
To set this property at the BPEL process service engine level:
  1. Right-click soa-infra and select SOA Administration > BPEL Properties.
  2. Click More BPEL Configuration Properties.
  3. Click the properties described above.
  4. In the Value field, specify an appropriate value and click Apply.
Note: These properties only impact the BPEL process audit trail. Human workflow, business rules, and Oracle Mediator are not affected by these settings.

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