Calling Secured webservices (OWSM policies) from OSB

In this post you will see how to call an external webservice which has security policy as “oracle/wss_username_token_service_policy”.

For calling external web services which is using the username token as security policy from OSB you need to have a key.

Create a key in EM console.

Login in to EM console and create a key.

Navigation ##

Go to weblogic domain –> right click on  your domain –> Security–> Credentials


Expand Oracle.Wsm.Security


Click on create key, to create a key.


Now you have to provide the keyname, username and password and click on OK button..

You have to get the username and password from external webservice team.


Once you click on ok it will create the key as below.


Now login to OSB console and create the business service with the external webservice WSDL.

Go to Policy tab and you will no policy is attached to your business service .

bsp6click on “Add Compatible” button so that it will add the compatible policy to your business service.


Now go to security section and you can see that there is no key attached to it.


Enter the key name that you have created in 1st step and click on UPDATE button.


Once the business service is updated successfully, go to change center and activate the changes by clicking on ACTIVATE button.


That’s all you done with setting the security to your business service.


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