Fusion Applications Procurement webservice invocation issue

Issue –> when invoking the fusion application procurement webservice from custom composite ,you will get this issue.

Error –> oracle.wsm.security.WSFunctionPermission http://xmlns.oracle.com/apps/prc/po/editDocument/purchaseOrderService/PurchaseOrderService#getPurchaseOrder invoke)

Solution –>

1. Login to APM (Authorization Policy Manager) as Admin user

2. On the Home page select the fscm application stripe

3. Click on the Search Entitlements link

4. Enter Display Name as Manage Purchase Order by Web Service

5. Click on the Open icon to see a list of resources added to this entitlement

6. You will see a lot of resources but there is no entry for the getPurchaseOrder

7. Click on the ‘+’ Add button

8. In the Search dialog, select Resource Type as WebserviceResourceType and then enter Display Name as http://xmlns.oracle.com/apps/prc/po/editDocument/purchaseOrderService/PurchaseOrderService#getPurchaseOrder

9. Select and hit the Add Selected arrow and finally hit the Add Targets button

10. Hit the Expand button and enable the Invoke check box.



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