B2B processing the files twice in a clustered environment

Issue –>

we have configured B2B for processing invoice EDI files from SFTP server to target system.

If we place a one file in SFTP folder , B2B is picking the file twice from SFTP and it showing as two transactions in our Reports.

Cause –>

Sometimes Oracle B2B creates multiple file monitor threads for a
listening channel. Setting a longer interval using this property helps to
avoid the race condition of threads during initialization.

Solution –> 

Navigation ##

Go to EM Console -> SOA -> soa-infra (right-mouse click) -> SOA Administration -> B2B Server Properties -> More B2B Configuration Properties.
Click Operations -> addProperty.
Enter the following:

key: b2b.listening.channel.restart.wait
value: 20000

Click Invoke.
Restart the managed server to apply the update.



2 thoughts on “B2B processing the files twice in a clustered environment

  1. I tried to set this b2b.listening.channel.restart.wait to 30000. I can still see that B2B is picking and process a file twice. Any other idea how to fix this issue?

    Also, do you by chance know how do I troublshoot issue that B2B is dropping file? A file is brought in to B2B successfully but B2B has no record whatsoever it has process the file.



  2. Please try this option as well.

    Login to your B2B EM console .

    Go to SOA Infrastructure menu, choose Administration > System MBean Browser

    Under Application Defined MBeans, expand the oracle.as.soainfra.config node.

    Expand the Server:soa_server1 node.

    Expand the B2BConfig node.

    Click the b2b MBean.

    The properties of the MBean are displayed in the right pane.

    Click the Operations tab.

    In Operations window click on Addproperty .

    Provide the value for key as –> b2b.HAInstance

    Provide the value for value as –> true

    And click on Invoke button on the right hand side. For return from that page click on Return.

    If you have 2 servers in the cluster , please add the property in both nodes.


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