Using AQ in an OSB Proxy Service

How to use a JCA Database adapter in a Business Service. To make this work I use the Oracle Workshop for the OSB configuration and JDeveloper for AQ adapter configuration.
We start in the WLS console of the OSB Server. Go to the deployments and find the AqAdapter resource adapter.
Open the AqAdapter and select the configuration Tab where we will create a new outbound connection pool.

Provide the JNDI name, I’ll use the JDeveloper name convention. eis/AQ/xxxx , xxxx is the database connection name in JDeveloper.

Give the resource adapter plan a unique name and save this AQ plan.

Select the just created JDNI configuration.

We have provide the xADatasourceName. This is a datasource of WLS which connects to a Oracle schema user which has access to the AQ queues. Or you can provide the jdbc url , username and password.

we will make the AQ configuration files which we have to import in our OSB project.
Make a new OSB project where we will add the AQ adapter to the OSB configuration. The JNDI name in the AQ adapter wizard must match with the JNDI eis name of the AQ resource adapter in the WLS console.

This OSB proxy service read from the queue so we need to dequeue.

Browse or provide the schema /queue name

And select a XSD which matches with the AQ messages.

Delete the router service we don’t need this.

The last part is to use this AQ queue in a OSB proxy service, Start the Oracle workshop and import AQ wsdl’s and schema’s into your OSB project.

Create a new Proxy service and use the AQ WSDL. OSB will detect the JCA adapter configuration.

Now we only have to provide the JNDI name in my case eis/AQ/xxxxx

That’s all for the AQ configuration.

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