Configuration Of Monitoring & Alerts in OSB

Setup Monitoring in OSB Proxy service:

  1. To setup monitors, we have to go to the Operational Settings page of the Proxy/Business service for which you have to setup the monitor.
  2. In the Monitoring section, select the options similar to the below snap and click on Update.


Setup Alerts in OSB console –>

  1. To setup the Alerts we need the SMTP server/JMS Server to be configured to use for the Alert Destinations.
  2. In this case, we are setting up SMTP Server so as to receive mails when we get an alert. We have provide the details of Server hostname, port, Username and password for the mailbox  to configure a SMTP server.
  3. In the console, under System Configuration, we have the option to create the SMTP Server configuration. Please see the below snap for SMTP Configuration:


Next step is to configure the Alert Destination. Open any OSB Project, Under Create Resource, select the Resource Type as Alert Destination as in the below snapshot.


Provide the details for Alert Destination as per below.


Add Email recipients as in below screenshot by selecting the SMTP Server configuration we created in the previous step and click Save:


Now for creating the Alerts, go to the SLA Alert Rules tab of the Proxy or Business Service for which we want to setup the Alert and then click on Add


Provide the details for the Alert as in below screen shot by selecting the Alert Destination we created in the previous step. Click on Next.


Select the Error count in the Simple Expression and select the operator as “=” and give the count value as “3” as in below screen shot and click on Add.


Click on Last and you will see the summary of the Alert as in below screen shot. Click on Save.



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